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The Sixth International Symposium on Autonomous Decentralized Systems
With an Emphasis on Advanced Distributed Transportation Systems
Wednesday April 9 - Friday April 11, 2003
Pisa, Italy.

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Fast Abstract Session Program:

April 9th 2003, Pisa, Italy

Chair: Felicita Di Giandomenico, ISTI-CNR, Italy

hh:10.30 - Room 28

Principle of Autonomous Decentralized Flow Control and Layered Structure of Network Control wit h Respect to Time Scales
Masaki Aida, (NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories, Japan) and Chisa Takano, (NTT Advanced Technology Corporation, Japan)

Turning Autonomous Decentralized Manufacturing Systems Clockwise
Dania A. El-Kebbe (Paderborn University/Heinz Nixdorf Institute, Germany)

An Efficient Communication Technology for Autonomous Decentralized Community Information System
Khaleb Ragab, Takanori Ono, Naohiro Kaji and Kinji Mori Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Design of an autonomous decentralized MAC protocol for wireless sensor networks
L.F.W. van Hoesel, L. Dal Pont, P.J.M. Havinga (EEMCS Faculty, University of Twente, the Netherlands)

Designing a Collaboration Description Language for an Architecture Model
Jia Zhang, (infiNET Solutions, Buffalo Grove, USA) and Jen-Yao Chung, (BM Watson Research, New York, USA)

An Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Stefan Dulman, Jian Wu, Paul Havinga (EEMCS Faculty, University of Twente, the Netherlands)

A Simulation Template for Wireless Sensor Networks
Stefan Dulman, Paul Havinga (EEMCS Faculty, University of Twente, the Netherlands)

Ensuring Causal Consistency in Internet-based Services with Arbitrary Failures
Daniela Tulone (ISTI-CNR, Italy)

Towards Ubiquitous Security
Cristiano Di Flora, Giacinto Paolo Saggese (UniversitÓ degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II", Italy)

The Sensor Web
Bhavani M. Thuraisingham, (Division of Information and Intelligent Systems/CISE, National Science Foundation, USA) and Marion G. Ceruti, (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, san Diego, USA)


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